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Commercial Law
Estate Planning
Succession Planning
Industrial and employment law
Intellectual Property
Property Development Law
Insolvency and reconstruction
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Commercial Law Commercial Law
A comprehensive range of services is provided including establishment, acquisition, merger, restructuring and disposal of companies, businesses and associations, securities documentation, advice on life insurance and superannuation law, commercial property transactions and leasing, distribution agreements, and joint venture documentation.
Supperannuation Superannuation
Australia has a legislated comprehensive superannuation scheme under which employers are required to contribute 9% of each employee’s salary to a superannuation fund which the employee has the right to nominate. The legislation also allows for self-employed people to contribute voluntarily to a superannuation fund.

We can promptly provide all documentation necessary for the establishment of superannuation funds and advise on issues that arise in the operation of those funds and on the role of superannuation in estate and succession planning.
Estate Planning Estate Planning
We can provide comprehensive advice on all issues related to estate planning including the role of superannuation, the administration of deceased estates, the establishment and operation of types of trusts (including discretionary and testamentary trusts) and provide the necessary documentation.
Succession Planning Succession Planning
This important issue often involves consideration of generational change and sometimes granting of equity interests to key employees. We can assist in identifying the issues involved and advise on methods and documentation necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.
Migration Migration
Patterson Houen & Commins has available to it qualified independent consultants, who are able to advise and assist on all Australian migration issues.
Industrial and Employment Law Industrial and employment law
Patterson Houen & Commins will negotiate directly on behalf of clients in order to resolve disputes and will prepare the necessary documentation relating to industrial and employment law matters.
Intellectual Property Intellectual property
The protection of copyright, patents and trade marks is of growing importance in the technological age. Patterson Houen & Commins deals with the acquisition, protection and disposal of such rights, with all aspects of computer law and the licensing and franchising of know-how, media contracts, confidentiality agreements, management and service agreements.
Conveyancing Conveyancing
Patterson Houen & Commins deals with commercial and domestic real estate transactions, commercial leasing, joint venture documentation for property development, mortgages and securities documentation for real estate transactions.
Property Development Law Property Development Law
This area of practice encompasses local government law concerning town planning, including zoning, zoning changes, subdivisions, development applications, building applications and objections to each of them, planning instruments, heritage matters, rating valuation problems and the conduct of litigation in each of these fields.
Litigation Litigation
Our view is that all avenues including alternative dispute resolution should be explored before a client embarks on litigation. We have extensive litigation experience in Federal and State courts and tribunals. 
Insolvency and reconstruction Insolvency and reconstruction
We provide crisis management advice to enable clients to recognise signs of impending problems and deal with corporate reconstruction, receivership and liquidation and bankruptcy matters. 
Prviate Clients Private Clients
We provide a broad range of traditional legal services for our private clients and are committed to delivering service of the highest possible standard whilst maintaining and fostering associations which in many cases have lasted over 40 years.