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International Services

International Law Services
Whether you are an international business wishing to operate in Australia, or an Australian business seeking to operate internationally, Patterson Houen & Commins has the knowledge and resources to assist your business.

Through our membership and association with MSI Global Alliance, Patterson Houen & Commins can provide you with services including advice in the following areas:

Appropriate legal establishment, company, branch, joint venture etc;

  • General taxation consequences of the establishment; 
  • Local taxation and duties;
  • Local stamp duty;
  • Industrial relations and human resources questions including service contracts
      and superannuation; 
  • Intellectual property questions (including trademarks, copyright and trade secrets); 
  • Directors and corporate officers; 
  • Trading conditions; 
  • Trading and business requirements including Trade Practices and Fair Trading legislation; 
  • Occupational health and safety questions; 
  • Environmental consequences of the establishment; 
  • Leasing or purchase of premises; and 
  • Finance.